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Emma Saunders Draws

‘ I have been drawing ever since I left the womb.

It was the only thing I knew I was good at from a young age and I also couldn’t stop drawing. An obsession had begun, one of the happiest moments of my life is winning an orchid drawing competition at Kew Gardens when I was around 7 years old.

Not to forget to mention winning a wacky racers drawing competition on children’s BBC. I won a lego set, again another very happy moment.

Since life gets in the way and I can neglect things I truly just love, If I allow myself. Now I would love to use my drawings as little messages, analogies of things I have experienced through life that are symbolic to me but perhaps to others to… Love Emma X

Saunders Draws is a way for people to see and feel my art sketches and illustrations and the will be available in print and other merchandise forms soon!
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